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Hi, I just ordered a memorial flag case and I just want to tell you what a pleasure your web sight is.  You made it so easy to get what I wanted and the way I wanted it.  Your options and range of cost was perfect to decide what I could afford and what I could not.  Thank you so much, I'm sure my husband would be happy with the choice I made for his flag.  Thank you again.

I want to thank you for the amazing box.  I bought this for my husband and it couldnt be better.  This was such a meaningful gift and I wanted to thank you for everything. Seattle, Wa.

I wanted to tell you that the Display Case I ordered from you is beautiful! I purchased it as a surprise for my husband, who was recently given a family heirloom Civil War Sword. It's not often that I see him emotional. Thank you again for the wonderful craftsmanship! Laurie

I wanted to let you know that I received the flag cases today and I just could not be more pleased. They are perfect! These are close to the perfect color stained oak that I wanted. The engraving was absolutely stunning and worth every penny. My husband and I are very impressed at the quality of the flag cases and the stunning engraving. I want to thank you for all of your help to make this all possible. : ) Cindy Colman

I wanted to thank your staff that represent your company. Your customer service is awesome and you have won this customer over for life and will never be forgotten by this customer ever. I appreciate your kindness especially during these times. My package was delivered wrapped with love and care within a week of placing my order . It will be cherished forever.  Thanks again, Jill

My Father served with the 5th Engineer Special Brigade in world war II and landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day. He was and we all were very proud of his service. It's comforting to know that the people at your company are so very conscientious in their work.  God Bless you and the memory of your founder CSM Fultz.   The Bloomer Family, NJ

I received the case today and I wanted to write and say how pleased I am with the product.  It is much more handsome looking than the internet picture shows." Fredrick T. Smith

The Flag case and display box for Slain Sgt. Henry Prendes arrived today and is incredible!  I would like to thank you and everyone there for you incredibly fast service and quality product.  The etching in the glass is also incredible! To everyone at All American Gifts "you are the best!!"   J. Smith, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

I recently ordered 10 cherry flag cases from you as gifts for my family over Christmas.  Thanks for doing such an awesome job, they were a huge hit and everyone appreciated the quality.  The personal attention and speedy delivery added to my great experience in dealing with you and I'll be keeping an eye out for anything else I can order from you!  Happy holidays.  Sean Horgan

Thank you for the flag case. The sale finished as good as it started. Your staff was extremely considerate and the quality of work produced was superb.
Thanks again!   Master Sgt K. Boyd, USAF
I just wanted to say thank you. You sent an amazing product to someone for me. I was blown away by the endstate product. And the personal touch of putting my message on an actual plate was great. I am going to be buying more products from you and recommending you to Soldiers in my unit and that I come in contact with. Thank you again. SSG Wiseman, US Army
I wanted to thank your staff that represent your company, I recently placed an order online for a flag case for my uncle's burial flag.  Not only did your company have the item for half the price when compared to others for the exact same item but your shipping costs were 60% - 70% less too. However, your customer service is awesome and you have won this customer over for life.  I entered the wrong birth date and your staff picked up on it an contacted me, verified my mistake to be just that an error, my error, and without asking offered to correct my mistake happily at no cost to me. This is unsurpassed in the 21st century and will never be forgotten by this customer ever. I am so thankful to that young lady who called me to let me know; and to the young lady who answered when I called back to confirm. I appreciate your kindness especially during these times. Thank you. My package was delivered wrapped with love and care within a week of placing my order with the correct dates. It will be cherished forever.  Thanks again, Jill
I want to thank everyone, including Debbi, Amber and Gary,  for the Great Job that was done creating the Flag Box for my Uncle, Sergeant William S. Fleiss. It looks Beautiful, and the workmanship is Immaculate!
I appreciate your patience in making sure that everything came out just right.
Everyone was very communicative, and there was immediate response to my inquiries. There were many emails and faxes back and forth to make sure that everything was perfect, which is very appreciated.
In addition, every communication was done with a 'Smile" so to speak. It was as if the Flag Box was being created for a member of your Family. Again, I wanted to take the time to relay my sentiments to all of you, and thank you for a job Well Done!    Sincerely, Richie
I just received the case that will hold the American flag we received at my brother's funeral. It is absolutely beautiful. The wood is perfect and the etching on the glass with the Navy emblem is just outstanding. He would be so proud that his flag is enclosed in a case made in America by people he served for. Thank you for the top quality product. Melanie, Dearborn Hts, MI
I felt the need to write you with my and my family's thanks for the service you provide. I called your customer service line to inquire about the case for my Father's burial flag and the kind woman who answered the phone walked over to the shipping department to look it up. She tracked it for me and I was relieved to not only find it was due to be delivered that day but arrived 5 minutes after I hung up the phone. I was very pleased to see the obvious care you take in packaging the cases so that even the most determined shipper would have a difficult time damaging the contents.

I recently ordered and received a Deluxe Combo Awards/Flag Display Case and just had to send you a quick thank you note. The display case is stunningly attractive and well made, even nicer than than presented in the ad. I was also impressed at how well you packaged it for shipping. It is clear that your company takes pride in providing quality products...Randy

I received my flag case from you earlier this week that was customized for my father.  I must say I am so pleased with your care, attention to detail, and the the appearance of the case.  On behalf of my family, I wish to express my sincere appreciation for your fine work. Jeffery W.
My husbands shadow box arrived today. When I ordered I was leary since I am a touch and feel shopper who likes to see everything before I buy it. I have to say I am so impressed with the quality and craftsmanship. I did a trial run with his memerabila and everything looks great! Thank you so much for such a great display case and at such a reasonable price. Respecfully,   Sarah S.
I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful flag case. My father passed away this past September & we knew at that time that we wanted to order a case for my father's flag as a Christmas gift for my mother.  Unfortunately I procrastinated and when I finally ordered one there was less than 2 weeks until Christmas. Never did I think I could order a laser engraved case and have it shipped across the country for her to receive it in time. I ordered from your company & it was shipped within 2 days &  received in plenty of time. She cried when she saw it because it is so beautiful. I do a lot of online ordering and I have to say how impressed I am with your company & your products. Thank you for such a positive experience. ---Eileen R.

I just received my order, and I cannot be pleased enough at the quality of your product. This order is to honor my wife's parents who were WW II Veterans. This is a surprise for her mom, since her dad passed away 5 years ago. We want to be able to hand down to the family a lasting memory of their Grandparents, who made the the sacrifice of serving their country in a time of need. As a Beirut Marine Corps Veteran, I thank you for providing a product that we can preserve the sacrifice that so many people have made over the course of time. Eddy H.

Hello ! A Very Satisfied Customer Wishes To Compliment You On The Combo-Case !! Recieved It Today --Mounted Flag & Certicate Tonight !! Looks Great ---I'll Be Sure To Post All American Gifts Phone # & Website On The Wall Next To This Display !! You See It Will Be Displayed In My Findlay Ohio "Lee's Famous Recipe Fried Chicken " Restaurant For Our Proud Family To Honor Our Friend -Dan "Deadeye" Kester ---Predator Pilot Usaf
Thanks Again... Larry
I just received the flag display box today. It brought tears to my eyes. I plan on giving this as a gift to my father on Christmas. After losing his brother,[my Uncle], this will be something that we will have for a life time to remember him by. Thank you, Bill
Thank you so much for such a wonderful plaque.  My brothers and I gave our dad the plaque when he retired from being a commercial airline pilot. We included his time as a US Marine pilot as part of the plaque as well.  As you probably know, US Marines don't show much emotion--ever--but the plaque brought him to tears.  He later told us that "I don't think I have ever received anything that meant so much to me. You probably didn't see the tears in my eyes or notice that I didn't speak for a couple minutes! I will never forget this and I love all of you!"  ......Thank you for being part of such a wonderful memory! Lisa
I just wanted you to know that the coin cabinet that I purchased was a hit with my son in the USAF. I talked to him last night after he opened it up and was greatly surprised about what he found in the bottom of the box. I had no clue that the message I wrote in the comment box was going to be engraved on a brass plate. I want to thank you so much for a great piece of work that my son will be able to share for a lifetime.  I slept a very happy man last night!!
Thanks again!! Michael J.
You all are unbelievably fast!  Seems like I just ordered a sword holder for my son and it was here about 3 days later!  Thanks ever so much!  He left Afghanistan last week, went thru Manus, and is now in Baltimore, headed home to his wife.  They'll be here in about 11 days!  Was worried I wouldn't have his gift in time, but the display beat them here!  Thanks!!!
We received the plaque and it is perfect.  We are so happy with it and we gave it to her last night and she was thrilled.  Thank you so much for your help in getting it to us on Friday.  It was just beautiful. Cathy Bowen
I truly appreciate the support you have provided me and continue to provide to the men and women in uniform.  As I just returned from a tour in Iraq, I have a warm feeling due to the amount of support I received when I was over there and when I returned from great people such as yourself.  It does make things easier, and it gives a sense of purpose for us to give it our all, help sustain our freedoms, and to make America what it is today. I attached a picture, showing the two flags I flew on Sep 11 over Baghdad, ones that will be proudly displayed in your cases. Thank you again, I appreciate your kindness. J. T. Calderwood, SSgt, USAF
I would just like to thank you for the BEAUTIFUL flag display your company made for me.  It absolutely exceeded my expectations.  The craftsmanship was excellent.  I have future plans on purchasing another flag display from your company.  I would recommend your company to my fellow soldiers. Thanks for your support. MAJ R. Chinn  IN, USAR
I just rec'd the USN Officer's sword plaque. I am stunned. This is an AMAZING work of art.  My Dad graduated USNA 1948 - that sword goes into the display until my Son, VA Tech Cadet Midshipman, takes it in 2010 for his senior year. What a wonderful way to honor him!! Thanks!! Rich Bates

I recently ordered 10 cherry flag cases from you as gifts for my family over Christmas.  Thanks for doing such an awesome job, they were a huge hit and everyone appreciated the quality.  The personal attention and speedy delivery added to my great experience in dealing with you and I'll be keeping an eye out for anything else I can order from you!  Happy holidays.  Sean Horgan

To Joan and the Staff at All American...  I have done business with you and your company for 3 years now.  I have been very pleased with your services.  I am highly impressed with your fine attention to detail and your customer service. Thank you for all you've done.  1SG Rick Green, FLARNG.

I received my medal display case and was more than satisfied with it. The etched glass design and lettering are really eye catching. Thanks also for the brass plate with the vietnam soldiers statue on it. That was a very pleasant surprise. I will display this with pride and recommend your workmanship to my brother veterans. Thanks for everything. Sgt. David James-9th inf. Div. Vietnam

I have received my Certificate/ Display case & have mounted it on the wall in my "I Love Me Room." I just want to thank you and express that if you find someone who wants to talk to someone who owns one, please provide my phone number or e-mail address. Again thank you." Rayborn S. Clifton Jr. Major USMC (LDO) (Ret)
I am currently stationed in Iraq and been looking around the shops on base for 4 months searching for the perfect gift for my wife that represents how thankful I am to have her and how amazed I am at how supportive she is. I am an A-10 Warthog Crew Chief and I decided that the perfect gift would be to fly a flag for her. I found your website on a Google search and after I saw your flag/certificate combo cases I stopped looking and I bought one for her. Within a week of ordering the case, my wife had it in her hands and she said that she couldn't stop crying because she loved it so much. She told me that it is the perfect gift. Thank you so much for everything. I will be recommending your company to all of my fellow service members. Scott B.
I would like to give you a special "Thank You" for making this image and idea for my shadow box a reality.  I am very happy and I have already received numerous comments on how good it looks and the idea itself. Please pass on to your staff and supervision that this is a great product and will make my retirement after 23 years a very special memory for not only myself but my family and friends.  James Beaudin
My Cherry engraved flag memorial case arrived today.  I took the flag given to me at my brother's funeral (he was retired from the U S Navy and a Vietnam War veteran) and placed it in the flag case.  Upon turning it over, the tears just came gushing out.  Not only am I proud of how beautiful this case is BUT I know how proud Teddy would be.  He was honored to serve his country and protect the freedom we Americans enjoy.  His remains are in the Arlington National Cemetery - his heart remains with me . . his little Sister!  Thank you so much!  J. Struble - Bella Vista, AR.
I wanted to let you know how FANTASTIC I found your service.  I ordered this late in the afternoon on Wednesday and RECEIVED it on Friday.  And the case is beautiful.  I don't know how you did it.  But I am extremely grateful.  M. Steward
I recently ordered a burial flag case from you for my parents.  It was for my Brothers flag who died over 30 years ago.  He was a Vietnam Vet in the Marine Corp.  My parents received it yesterday and were absolutely overjoyed with it. My mother was so emotional and my father loved it. Thank you so much for sending to them so quickly.  You've made my parents happy and that's one of my goals in life.  God Bless You!  Patty George
Today, I received your Deluxe Sword Display Case #60.  I have to tell you that it is even more beautiful than I have already expected that it would be....and the overall workmanship is excellent.  By this evening, my West Point sword will be proudly and beautifully displayed on the mantel of my fireplace.  Many thanks for a wonderful case and service so much faster than I had expected.  D. Barickman
I have received my Certificate/ Display case and have mounted it on the wall in my "I Love Me Room." Being former military you know what that room in the house is. I just want to thank you and express that if you find someone who wants to talk to someone who owns one, please provide my phone number or e-mail address. Again thank you. R. S. Clifton Jr. Major USMC (LDO) (Ret)
Just wanted to let you know that I received the case I ordered in a timely manner. 
Also, I am very pleased with your product. Thanks. Luke, Niantic Connecticut
Hi there...I just wanted to say that I LOVE the flag case (engraved personalized air force). I just received it yesterday and my husband thought it was perfect! Thanks so much! Cheryl Eckman
Just received the plaque that you guys created for my dad in memorial of his brother who served and was killed in WWII. It is absolutely beautiful and I want to thank you all very much for creating such a special and unique gift for him.  I couldn't have imagined anything more beautiful and thank you for your expeditiousness in creating it! There won't be a dry eye in the house on Christmas!    Kindest regards and Happy Holidays to you all!     Kristin
Mr. Fultz, I wanted to just drop a note to complement you on the shadowbox I ordered. Impressed cannot even begin to describe what I thought when I opened the box! I was blown away by the quality and the beauty of the case.  I can't wait for him to open it Christmas morning!  Thank you very much,   Kate F.
Just received my engraved sword plaque and I have to say I am verrry impressed with the overall quality. It was a nice surprise to find it so nicely made and engraved since it is a gift for a friend. Thanks for the quick delivery and the great product. I will keep you in my "favorites" for sure. B. Norton

We just wanted to let you know that meeting Billy Joel was an incredible experience.  What a nice guy!!  He was extremely moved by our gift to him. The American flag case that you got to us was great!  Billy held it up and admired it for a long time.  He really appreciated it!  He really liked it! Thanks for all your assistance! Sincerely,  Kevin & Kathy 

I received the case today and I wanted to write and say how pleased I am with the product.  It is much more handsome looking than the internet picture shows.  The service logo at the top really puts a nice touch to the whole thing.  This is something I am going to cherish for a very long time. Thank you very much!  Frederick T. Smith

Hello, I received the flag case today and it is proudly displayed in our living room.  Thank you for such a lovely job and in such a prompt manner. Susan

Thank you so much. The order arrived safely and I am so pleased with my purchase.
Thanks again,

Thanks so much for getting the flag case to it's destination! It is SO beautiful.  Was very well received and my grandmother appreciated the gift! Thanks again for the great handiwork!   Jennifer
I have received your flag case and it is beautiful.  Thank you so much for taking in my request. N. Dedvukaj
I ordered a sword case from you last month and just want you to know how impressed we all were at the quality and workmanship.  Thank you so much for a job well done.  I wanted to give my son in law a gift he would cherish.  With your assistance, mission accomplished.   E. Smith
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the flag case. The sale finished as good as it started. Your staff was extremely considerate and the quality of work produced was superb. Thanks again! Master Sgt Ken B., USAF
I received my personalized flag case today. It is fantastic and holds the folded flag of my father who served in two wars. Thank you so much for providing a memorial to one of the many men who gave so much for freedom. God Bless you and God Bless America and our troops!!!!!!  M. Fletcher
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank your company for producing such an outstanding product. Recently deployed to Iraq I purchased two of your flag cases for flags I had flown for family members. I had them sent to me in Iraq, they arrived in pristine condition. I had them on display in my office and received a lot of questions about how to purchase them. My family members were moved when they received their flags in the flag cases. This filled my with a certain pride to be able to present them with their flags. Again, Thank You for doing such an outstanding job. Very Respectfully, HMCS Aurora R. 3D Marine Aircraft Wing

On behalf of my entire family I would like to thank you and your staff for making it possible to lay this memorial stone at our farm for my father, who was an avid pilot and loved the HighFlight poem.With your kind help, we were able to have our event on time, with everyone in attendance.
With much appreciation,V.Copeland

Just recieved my combination case today. I am very impressed and extremely satisifed with the quality of this case. Awesome Job! I will definitely be coming back to All American Gifts for future purchases. Thank you! William K.
The plaque arrived today.  The artistry with which you put this together is unparalleled, especially considering the condition of the artwork that I supplied.  You have exceeded my expectations, and “knocked my socks off”.  I have copied the Director of Veteran’s Services for the County of Riverside   on this message in order to help spread the word of a truly worthy vendor who beats timelines, keeps cost low and does brilliant work. Thank you!  Mike T.
Thank you so much for a wonderful product! The display case is beautiful and looks even better in person. It shows off the badges, medals, and awards in a professional, handsome way. I am very pleased with how it turned out and would recommend your products to anyone, because not only do you have high quality products, you also have exceptional customer service. For so long, my partner's memorabilia from the Army has been stashed away, now it can be proudly displayed on the wall in a beautiful display case. Thank you for making that happen!
We are both so excited about how it looks. Many thanks, -Lauren
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